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comp mouse

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In computing the mouse acts as a pointing and clicking device controls what u view and process. the name mouse was coined at the university of stanford, because its earlier design had a wire coming out of the back making it appear like the rodent. Douglas Engelbart of the Stanford Research Institute invented the mouse in 1963.



this is the first mouse made, proudly held by Douglas Engelbart.


Perpendicular chopper wheels housed inside the mouse's body chopped beams of light on the way to light sensors, this detected in their turn the motion of the ball.

        when buying a mouse be sure to get one that is hooked up with a usb cord, because it is the easiest and most common way to hook them up to the computer. Also it would be advaisable to buy a mouse pad.


Common mouse problems and they're solutions

    One of the most common problems with a comp mouse is inconsistency. One way to help this is by getting a suitable mouse pad. A mouse pad that is to slick will not give the mouse any traction, the mouse pad must have a little texture. A dirty mouyse is another common problem, you need to periodically clean the mouse to avoid sperrodic behavior. For an optical mouse that doesn't contain a mouse, you can clean the pads on the underside of the mouse with a toothbrush. If the mouse cable has been crushed, then it can't send all the signals to the mouse and u will probably have to replace it.




Buying a mouse

    A computer mouse can cost anywhere fom  5$-75$. the optical mouse is without a doubt the most expensive mouse on the market right now, the wheel mouse is much less expensive and a lot more simple to set up, but its performance is deffinitlly lacking compared to the optical mouse, if your one of those people that rarely use your computer, I would suggest just getting the wheel mouse, but if you are a regular user I would suggest the optical mouse.


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